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Have a question?When you buy any new product that you are trying out for the first time you will be bound to have questions.

Questions on how to use it so as to get the most benefit from it, as well as, the various ways and areas you can use the product.

That is what our frequently asked questions page is all about … answering the various questions you may have.

How can Morris Green Clean help?Knowledge is power as they say. And learning how to use Morris Green Clean properly will bring about the best results to all your cleaning needs.

We encourage you to take the time to learn from the answers to other people’s questions so that you can make the most out of using this great cleaning product!

How is Morris Green Clean different from other cleaners?

Can I use Morris Green Clean in the kitchen?

Can I use Morris Green Clean in the bathroom?

Yes, Morris Green Clean can be used to clean porcelain, ceramic tile, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, faucets and fixtures, glass shower doors, floors counters, aluminium, chrome and stainless steel.

Is Morris Green Clean safe to use in the laundry?

Can I use Morris Green Clean in and on my car or in my garage?

Yes, Morris Green Clean can be used both on the interior and exterior of your car. In the interior, use Morris Green Clean for deodorizing and cutting grease & dirt on carpet and upholstery. On the exterior, Morris Green Clean is effective at removing grease, dirt, brake dust, rubber oxidation, road tar, bugs and oil trails on the grills, headlamps, bumpers, wheels, trailers and more. Keep Morris Green Clean in the garage for cleaning tools, workbenches, shop floors, garage doors, oil pans, and wash basins.

Can I use Morris Green Clean on my boat?

Yes, Morris Green Clean is the perfect cleaner for keeping your boat, trailer, caravan, personal watercraft, fishing and skiing equipment, inflatable and much more sparkling clean and looking like new. Use Morris Green Clean to remove grease, grime, oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, fish blood, dirt and more from all washable surfaces including: fibreglass, gel coat, most plastics (not instrument panels), treated wood, carpet, fabric, upholstery, canvas, rubber, vinyl, and glass.

Can I use Morris Green Clean to clean my drains?

Yes. Although Morris Green Clean will not always break apart complex clogs that contain a variety of things such as...(hair, food, grease, etc.), it can be instrumental in keeping your drains free of clogs. When cleaning your kitchen floor with Morris Green Clean, try mixing the dilution in your sink (with the drain plug in, of course,) clean and recharge your sponge-mop directly in the sink while cleaning the floor, and then pull the plug and let the dirty Morris Green Clean /water flow down the drain. Or, mix the dilution in a bucket, mop the floor, and then pour the bucket down the sink drain.

A good regular maintenance tip is to plug the sink, fill the sink with hot water and add 1 sachet of Morris Green Clean for small sinks (bathrooms) or 2 sachets for large sinks (kitchen), and then (wearing a rubber glove to protect from the hot water,) unplug the sink and let the mixture flow down the drain. Regular maintenance of drains can greatly diminish or eliminate clogging problems.

What is the fragrance in Morris Green Clean?

Morris Green Clean is scented with Citrus Fruits – derived from peels of Citrus Fruits.

Can I mix Morris Green Clean with bleach or ammonia?

No. We recommend that you NEVER mix household chemicals. First, mixing bleach or ammonia with Morris Green Clean just detracts from the positive qualities of the chemicals - bleach won't whiten or disinfect as well, ammonia won't clean as well. You will get better results when using Morris Green Clean separately from bleach - or from ammonia. Morris Green Clean is neither chlorinated or ammoniated, however, DO NOT MIX BLEACH OR CHLORINATED PRODUCTS WITH AMMONIA OR AMMONIATED PRODUCTS. THIS CAN RESULT IN HIGHLY TOXIC FUMES.

What are the ingredients in Morris Green Clean?

Morris Green Clean is a blend of water, surfactant (surface-active) agents, wetting agents, emulsifiers, colour and d-limonene .Surfactant agents lift grease and oil up off of the surface, wetting agents help Morris Green Clean penetrate soils, and emulsifiers put those soils into solution so that they can be washed away.

What is the ingredient d-limonene and is it safe?

d-limonene oil is extracted from peels of citrus fruits and is one of natures safest and most potent solvents.

My home is on a septic system. Is it safe to use Morris Green Clean?

Yes. Under normal household use, Morris Green Clean won't harm the helpful bacterial and enzymes that are used to keep septic systems free-flowing. The readily biodegradable Morris Green Clean formula breaks down quickly in the leach-field, and underground water tables are not adversely affected.

Can I use Morris Green Clean on marble?

It is safe to use Morris Green Clean on true, polished marble. Caution is given for use on "cultured" marble, which is actually a matrix of marble dust or chips and a resin binder. Low-grade cultured marble can sometimes be damaged by using Morris Green Clean too strong or leaving it on the surface for too long. Morris Green Clean has an alkaline pH, and is water-based, so it meets most manufacturers' recommendations for cleaning products to be used on marble. Caution is also given for use on unfinished or honed marble, as sometimes the green colour of Simple Green can stain unprotected marble, particularly on light-coloured marble.

Is Morris Green Clean safe to use on my hardwood floors and cabinets?

Yes. Either spray directly onto the floor using a spray bottle or add a 6g sachet of powder into a mop bucket and add hot water. Wash with mop normally.

Can Morris Green Clean be used in a Pressure Washer / Power Washer/ Carpet Machines?

Morris Green Clean does a great job when used in or with a pressure/power washer.It can be used to clean vehicles, concrete, siding, lawn furniture, canvas, etc.

If you have to pre-mix in a bucket and then your equipment pulls it straight through, use approximately one 6g sachet of powder to five litres of water Start at the bottom and work upward to avoid "clean streaks".

Work in sections, cleaning and rinsing, so that the product does not dry on the surface before the rinse stage. Really heavily soiled siding might require light scrubbing with a non-metallic bristle.


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