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We need to do our part.The Health and Safety section will be dedicated to providing information regarding the health and safety issues and concerns that various types of cleaning products have on us and on our environment. Dealing with this major health and planetary problem will take much more than our eating an apple a day!

We will try to present information and strategies that will prove to be both valuable and practical and that can be applied in your everyday routine. One of our main concerns is the harmful chemicals that our children are exposed to everyday, both inside and outside the home.

We may not see it ... but it is there!For instance, as an example of something we may not realize as a potential health hazard to us and to our children, is something as simple as spraying your countertop to clean it!

If we are using a cleaning product that has toxins and harmful chemicals, it can cause serious health risks because even after being wiped off there can still be residual chemical present on the surface.

If you, or your children, touch the countertop with your hands or you place food directly on the surface, you are exposing yourself and children to harmful chemicals. Chemicals that are absorbed into our bodies and ultimately making an impact on our health.

Consider some facts you may not have been aware of before …

Environmental Toxin Threaten Us AllThe path to becoming an adult is not always clear and safe, and our children will face many different kinds of risks and dangers. One of the largest threats is exposure to environmental toxins.

Experts and others that are very informed on this subject would say that these environmental toxins are among the silent killers. Since these toxins are ‘invisible’ we may unaware of the danger or perhaps finding ourselves tending to disregard or forget this serious issue, an issue that affects each and everyone, both human and animal alike.

Not doing something about this problem is no longer an option. We have to learn new ways in which to do things and begin using products and methods that are not harmful to our home. Ignorance is something that we cannot afford to have as an excuse, as our children’s future lives and our planet are depending upon us to protect them from harm.

Take ResponsibiltyEven before our children are born until they reach puberty, they are exposed to multiple kinds of chemicals every single day. The facts show that since World War II, we have developed more than 80,000 chemicals that are used in cleaners, pesticides, plastics, personal care products, industrial products and other conveniences that we simply accept as part of our daily routine.

What is frightening about the use of all these chemicals is that we know very little about the short term, and especially long term, effect these chemicals have on our children’s development, let alone what it is causing on the general population.  

Exposure Can Cause HarmEven now, researchers are finding that some chemicals can cause damage to a child’s developing brain, while others may cause cancer or mimic or block hormones.

Our children are vulnerable to chemicals that we, as adults, can tolerate better, because as an adult our immune system is fully developed.

However, that being said, even we as adults will have to deal with the harmful results that exposure to such chemicals will also cause to us

Due to the fact that our children’s bodies have simply not fully developed, they are not equipped to process, deal and remove toxins that they are being exposed to everyday. Also, because of their smaller size, children receive proportionately larger daily doses of environmental toxins than adults, something we may tend to forget.

Our children need our help!Cleaners are full of chemicals that make chores simpler. That’s because we live in a society were if we can do it faster then we can have time to do more in the 24 hours we have.

Even so, does that mean doing things faster is necessarily the best solution?

These chemicals that make cleaning up faster and easier have their costs. Many give off unhealthy fumes that can irritate children's eyes, nose and lungs. Many of the cleaners on the market are corrosive and will harm children's delicate skin.

Some cleaning products even contain ingredients that are suspected of causing cancer, even though you as a consumer are never fully informed on the effects or potential dangers that these chemicals have on human beings let alone on children.

Some of our regularly used household cleaners can have these hidden dangers. Products that we may have thought were okay to use, once you read the ingredients you will see how unsafe they really are.

Even small amounts can hurt.As you know, children tend to touch everything! They are always putting their little hands in their mouths, eating food off the floor or picking up their toys and giving them a chew or a two!

What children are innocently unaware of is that they may be putting chemicals in their mouths right along with their toys and food.

Even though these chemicals may be in small amounts, and not immediately harmful; over time they can have an accumulate affect and cause serious health problems that will affect them for years to come.

So is there anything we can we do to ensure our children are as safe as possible?

In a word, Yes! And the solution is really very simple.

It is time to clean house!We need to completely avoid those extra-strength cleaners, which usually contain dangerous solvents, acids and other corrosive chemicals.

We can choose to use mild cleaners, such as unscented, general purpose soaps and detergents, or try safe homemade cleaners. Milder cleaners are healthier for you and produce many of the results that we are looking for.

Exposure to harmful chemicals doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be in direct contact with the dangers. The way our planet is being run right now is a good indicator of that.

Industrial pollutants and "run-off" from farm fields can easily contaminate our water supply. Fumes from various automotive exhausts systems contaminate the air and water we need to live on this planet.

Due to the seriousness of this pollution problem, Morris Green Clean is committed to doing their part in helping and protecting our environment.

Using less trucks mean fewer emissions.For example, in shipping Morris Green Clean, it only takes 1 semi-truck, whereas the equivalent cleaning material from other companies takes 93 semi-trucks. Using fewer trucks means exposing fewer emissions into our atmosphere, and thus helping to safeguard our environment.

Morris Green Clean is committed to providing products that you can safely use in the home or work place.

Our planet will thank you for it!Morris Green Clean is committed to ensuring our products are safe around children and at the same time helping protect the environment.

Protecting the environment is essential because our children are counting on us to do the right thing.

For their generation, and those that will come after them, are the ones that will inherit our planet long after this generation is gone.

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