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Social Responsibility

Our Planet Our HomeOur planet is our home. How we choose to treat and maintain our home is up to us as individuals and as communities.

We all live here together and so we all have a social responsibility to do our part to make our home as pleasant and as safe as we can.

One way to show social responsibility is by using environmentally friendly and non toxic products that won’t hurt our planet.

Ecological Balance Everything on earth is tied in together. From the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we grow, the vegetation and plant life, the varied animal life be it birds, wild life, fish, mammal, insects … all of it is intertwined in an ecological balance that we dare not destroy.

Destroying the environment, could ultimately lead in destroying a beautiful future for the generations yet to come.

Harmful PollutionSo, let each one of us make a conscientious decision to take responsibility for how we treat our home.

Let us be accountable to ourselves and others by choosing products that we know are good for the environment, not harmful.

Our children and our children’s children are depending on us to do the right thing … the responsible thing …

Work Together For SolutionThe people behind Morris Green Clean have committed to doing their part for the environment by providing a safe yet effective cleaner that can be used safely in almost any application that we may need.

By using this wonderful product each of us can become part of the solution and not continue to be a part of the problem.

For if each family does their part, it will make a BIG difference now and for our future!

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