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Morris Green Clean Quick Start Guide

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For General All Purpose Light Duty Cleaning Tasks

- Pour one (1) sachet of Morris Green Clean into a bottle that can hold 50 oz (1 ½ litres) of water.

- Add water to bottle and shake well to mix powder.

- Fill 26 oz (750 ml) trigger spray bottle with mixed solution and use.

For Heavy Duty Cleaning Tasks

For tougher cleaning challenges, use a more concentrated cleaning solution.

- Pour one (1) sachet of Morris Green Clean into one (1) 26 oz (750 ml) trigger spray bottle.

- Fill the trigger spray bottle with 26 oz (750 ml) of water and shake well.

Windows / Mirrors / Glass / Granite & Marble Surface Cleaning

Morris Green Clean is excellent for cleaning your windows, mirrors, glass, granite and marble surfaces without any streaking or residue.

Morris Green Clean goes a long way compared to 99% of other cleaners on the market.

- Pour one (1) sachet of Morris Green Clean into a one (1) gallon (4 litres) plastic bottle and fill container with water.

IMPORTANT: It is very important that you use the one sachet to ONE (1) GALLON concentration. If you use a stronger concentration your windows, glass, mirrors will get cleaned but they will STREAK. You must use the diluted solution in order to get your windows, glass, mirrors sparkling clean.

Spray Morris Green Clean solution on your windows, mirrors sparingly, wipe and polish with old newspaper or dry cloth. For heavy build-up, such as nicotine, several applications may be required.

Note: For glass, mirror, window surfaces that are heavily stained you can use a more concentrated Morris Green Clean solution. Please remember to then use the diluted concentration to complete the cleaning task.

For General Surface Cleaning

Spray the surface to be cleaned thoroughly with Morris Green Clean solution. Allow solution to penetrate for ten seconds and then wipe clean. If you are cleaning a vertical surface, such as a wall, be sure to spray from the bottom up, placing your cloth at the bottom as you spray, to catch any drip lines.

We recommend you use white terry cloth squares or facecloths about 12"x12” square for general cleaning on hard surfaces. When cleaning clothing, carpets, leather and upholstery the white terry cloths work best.

Use sponges for porous, pitted, or irregular surfaces. We recommend you use cellulose or copal poly sponges they are more absorbent than synthetic fine pore sponges. Scotch-Brite sponges are effective for heavy build-up of grease or carbon bits usually found in pots and pans or oven. However, Scotch-Brite sponges can scratch softer polished surfaces.

For surfaces that can scratch easily, we recommend a nonabrasive nylon scrubbing cleaning sponge. Nylon scrubbing cleaning sponges are ideal for scrubbing Teflon coated cookware and other surfaces that cannot withstand abrasive scrubbing cleaning sponges. A nylon scrubbing cleaning sponge will clean these surfaces without damage.

Several sizes (and stiffness) of nylon brushes are helpful when more agitation is required and are normally safe for use on scratchable surfaces. We recommend you first do a little surface test to make sure it safe to use. Small nylon brushes are helpful for clothes, upholstery, and carpet maintenance or cleaning.

Light gauge steel wool works very well for tough clean-ups on surfaces that are either impregnable or not damaged by fine abrasion. Clean-ups on concrete will require a wire base brush. We recommend you use a copper-based wire brush.

For more challenging surface clean-ups, spray thoroughly, wait 30 seconds to several minutes, then agitate with cloth, sponge, Scotch-Brite sponge, brush, or steel wool, as indicated above. When agitating, it's best to work in a circular motion, both clockwise and counter clockwise.

If the cleaning job you are tackling is a really tough surface clean-up, spray the surface thoroughly with Morris Green Clean, then lay a cloth or paper towel over the area and spray that as well to ensure that the surface will remain moist for a longer wait period of 30 minutes or more.

It may be necessary to come back periodically and re-spray. The longer you allow Morris Green Clean to penetrate, the easier the cleanup will be. If necessary, soak overnight by spraying a terry cloth square or towel which lies over the surface to assure it stays moist. A longer wait time may turn a half hour of scrubbing with a brush into a simple wipe off with a cloth or sponge.

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